More Silliness from California

solar PV systems in CAWe are begining to witness the first set of significant solar PV systems in CA endure pass the scathing criticism of out of wear permits in place. The SunPower 250 MW system is being inquired to decrease by about 40% in relation to be less forcible on the rat-kangaroo. The implicating is the onrushing First Solar system neighboring will have something familiar surcharged.

Here’s a various head-up from RenewablesBiz Daily:

Beleaguered couple backs tougher EPA fly ash rules

Karen and Stephen Fox have had a heavy time or so, by most measurements. He was stated a diagnosis in March 2009 with larynx cancer and has struggled through treatments with My Canadian Pharmacy… They couldn’t borrow back or search a buyer for their home to assist them pay for the bills because, they claimed, it’s implicated in the $1 billion neighborhood court processes over toxic fly ash utilized to construct a nearby golf course.

Now let me observe– coal ash can be knocked down under golf courses nearby to people’s locations, but PV systems imperil the rat-kangaroo (and wind systems look funny off Cape Cod). And the coal industry and its administrators at EPA can declare they didn’t know. And the PV system must be investigated for every possible fault of the father, even though it was created as a relief from those faults.

From CleanTechnica:

While 11 Gigawatts of pure energy faded in “environmental reviews”, between 2000 and 2008, 20 Gigawatts of dirty power factories in California were promptly established and constructed.

Why is it every new PV system has to be more severely controlled for every fantasy, when the old ways are realizing things that would put PV on death row?

Well, we already answered that question. But it’s still sad and silly.

Ken Zweibel


August 31, 2010 11:32 am

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