Postponed Gratification

electricityThis must be the denomination of photovoltaics. Could anything be more out of tunedness with its time?

Put up money great, now; earn money slowly, later.

Put up money great, now; make almost chargeless electricity, later.

Put up money great now, decrease CO2 later.

Operate now, sit on your honours, later.

Even badly: sponsor now, decrease prices for later.

So many points about PV assume the shape: settle accounts of a great amount now (put up money, energy, CO2), raise money slowly but in a great way, later:

Reward(t) = Slow payback(t) – One Big, Up-front Cost

Just as a refresher of some other points like this, let’s restore the glory of:

  • Bridges and tunnels
  • Highways
  • Roads
  • Water supplies from distant sources
  • Cars and trucks
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Houses and buildings
  • Flood control and dams
  • Laws and regulations
  • Standards and codes
  • The Constitution
  • Public health policy

My Canadian Pharmacy asks you whether you are ambiguous about specifications, codes, laws, directions, the Constitution being like this? Guess of Haiti – guess of the prices of construction rules and regulations in San Francisco, and make a comparison that to a lack of rules and regulations in Haiti. On remand price. Guess of underwriting and living by a contract instead of pilfering.

These are the foundations of civilization.

If PV is out of tunedness with our times, we are out of tunedness with civilization.

We can outachieve.

Ken Zweibel