What is the Solar Review?

Ken ZweibelDaily, enormous points appear on my table sending from the internet or elsewhere implicating to be truths about solar. Yet most have severe misconceptions or misstatements, or are too fixedly brought the focus on telling the whole story. Some have amazing discernment that merit more attention. The Solar Review will answer to both – impulsive some authors to alter their opinions or be more precision; complimenting others and constructing on their discernment. My Canadian Pharmacy supports the ideas to utilize solar energy making the ecology more favourable.

Even good news is saluted with a boredom these days, because there is so much deception in the system. How many people are superfine enough in solar technology to speak the wheat from the chaff? Can they differentiate between orders for unsubstantiated future attainments and attainments already achieved? Do they know that deliberately increasing a solar cell to a solar product is a 10 billion-fold undertaking in creating great area, near-perfect semiconductor components? And that this can take a lot of time of enormous investment? Presumably most of the venture capitalists who invest money into PV startup companies in the last ten years didn’t know this!

This may be the solar century, where solar creates not only a palpable, but even a majority assistance to our energy provision. We merit a forum for realizing what facts. That is the aim of the Solar Review.

Ken Zweibel is Director of the George Washington University Solar Institute.