How my accountant helped me save money on solar energy

If you haven’t heard it before, the story of how myself and my partner purchased our first solar panel is quite a funny one.

Nowadays, we have 5 in total, scattered across the area of our roof. It’s funny to look back and see how far we’ve come, how much money we’ve saved, and in fact, how much money we’ve earned!

Yes, in case you didn’t know already, once you’ve paid your panels off (can take more time than usual depending on how much you paid for them), and covered your own bills, when you have excess energy you can actually sell it back to the grid and make a profit. Think about it, that’s basically free money. It is cash that you get for doing nothing. You could be making money in your sleep with the help of solar panels.

Anyway back to the story. I run a few of my own businesses and naturally I have an accountant (a very good one at that). We have a great relationship and I let him know exactly what I’m spending my money on, within my business, and outside it too.

So when it came to the moment that my partner and I decided to buy a solar panel, I quickly informed my accountant. Originally, we were considering purchasing the panel outright, meaning we could start earning money off it immediately. But after a closer inspection, my accountant assured me that this wasn’t the best course of action. He suggested that I pay it off in instalments, despite the fact that we had the money there and then. He suggested I put this other amount of money in a high interest account, and told me that the solar panel will pay for itself, it will just take a little bit of time.

Only now do I realise how good this piece of advice was – It’s saved me close to one thousand pounds. This isn’t the only time he’s helped me out over the years. Honestly, I can’t express how helpful it is having a good accountant working with you. If you’re looking for one and need a bit of a hand why not take a look hereĀ let me know what success you have, and if you eventually purchase a panel for yourself.


Solar isn’t the only great way to save money

I know I know. This blog is supposed to be about solar reviews right? Well I’m guessing one of the reasons why you’re interested in this blog and here in the first place is that, besides being interested in the environment, you are also interested in frugality and saving money whenever you can. So, as a little bonus, I thought I’d produce a little post about other great ways you can save money. It isn’t quite ready yet, but make sure you don’t miss out and catch a glimpse of it once it’s arrived.

First big overview post

Hello everyone and welcome back to the solar review. Previously I talked about how this website would be used to review a number of different solar powered products. I originally thought I’d format this in such a way where I’d review one different product for each post. But today, I wanted to do things differently, and as this is our first proper article, I thought it’d be quite fun to talk about a number of different solar powered products rather than just one.

In fact, my discussion won’t focus on products per se, but ways that solar power can be used, which is then manifested in products. This will help us when referencing future reviews.

There is a huge number of things that solar power can be used for, and probably quite a bit more than you’d expect.

The first and obvious one that comes to mind is that the power of solar is harvested to use for electrical energy, and lighting your house for instance. This is definitely still the most traditional way in which the power is harnessed.

What some don’t know is that it can also be used to power individual lights too. These can obviously be used in a number of ways. For example, you can purchase individual lights that you stick into the ground, say next to a pathway in your garden. They have a strip or panel across the top of the light which absorbs the solar energy and powers the light when it gets dark.

If you’re feeling creative, then these individual lights can also be used in many different ways. I remember reading something on the internet once about how someone had used these lights and had created an outdoor chandelier for their garden. It was pretty ingenious. Personally, I prefer the best custom and bespoke chandeliers available, but if you need one for your garden then this is a great option!

Anyway, back to our main topic. If you don’t know too much about it, then it’s worth learning more. But, in short, energy from the sun can be used in so many different ways its very easy to lose count. From radios to keyboards, anything that is usually powered with electricity can be powered by solar energy.

The ultimate solar review website has finally arrived

This is the solar review where we will endeavour to review a number of different solar and solar powered products, that become available for public purchase. Solar power is a subject that I find particularly interesting and I hope that in time you will also become as passionate about it as I am.

In our first we’ll be covering solar powered products that can be used as a form of lighting for parts of your home and garden. We look forward to you reading the article in full.