Easy Power Plan Review: Is it legit or a hoax? (January 2024)

Here is my unbiased and honest Easy Power Plan review to help you find out whether the Easy Power Plan is worth it or just a hoax. I have also included customer reviews who have used the product so you can figure out the legitimacy of the Easy Power Plan.

We as human beings have consistently researched and discovered easy power solutions for years that can fulfill our electricity needs. The Easy DIY power plan is known to be one of them which teaches you about producing electricity on your own.

Electricity used to be the most important aspect for us, and an effective power solution which is always in demand.

Everybody on this planet looks for cheaper, sustainable, and constant power solutions and people around the globe are consistently finding solutions for electricity sources such as Backyard Revolution.

This is because the electricity that we are using is quite expensive which impacts a lot on our monthly expenditures and even the electricity is neither reliable nor sustainable.

Non-reliable means, you never know when there will be a blackout, non-sustainable means once the electricity is consumed it cannot be reproduced, and hence there is no sustainability of when power sources stop working.

Also, the rising electricity charges are the prime reason people are switching towards solar energy solutions or some custom power sources like Easy Power Plan by Ryan Tylor.

Easy Power Plan Review Product Image
Easy Power Plan Review

So as I have already reviewed multiple solar energy-based programs in my other posts, in this article I’ll walk you through Easy Power Plan and find out whether it’s legit or a scam.

Easy Power Plan is a step-by-step plan for creating a cheaper, portable, and sustainable power solution created by Ryan Tylor. To teach people about his solution he compiled his learning into an eBook format.

The author of the e-book aims to provide knowledge and step-by-step action plans to build an Easy Power Plan for anyone.

According to the author, the basic purpose of making this Easy Power Plan Power System is to reduce electricity bills for your home and to utilize electricity in an efficient manner.

This specific process involves two different aspects of generating and saving electricity with the same approach.

Let’s check out the Easy Power Plan Review, its benefits, pros and cons, customer reviews, pricing, and detailed instructions on how to get started with it.

Easy Power Plan Review January 2024

In this Easy Power Plan review 2024, I will discuss what is Easy Power Plan and how it can benefit you in electricity and money saving, and of course! whether it is worth it or just a scam.

What is the Easy DIY Power Plan?

Easy Power Plan pdf is an E-book with a step-by-step guide for making a ready-to-use device that is capable of producing electricity on its own created by Ryan Tylor.

Easy DIY Power Plan’s mechanism is self-powered and uses simple materials such as wooden wheels, hard cylinders, cogwheels, and belts. The device is made for generating a significant amount of heat and provides energy as usable electricity.

With the help of the Easy DIY Power Plan Guide, anyone can build an electricity-producing gadget that can function under difficult conditions such as heavy rain, storms, etc.

The gadgets consume less time to make, save money, and also offer power (self-powered) which is an additional benefit.

This eBook Easy Power Plan pdf is a comprehensive guide that walks you through every phase of building an electric generator.

It provides instructions, diagrams, parts lists, and information on electrical generator development. All the important data you need to know about building a generator for less time and money can be found in the Easy Power Plan. This e-book is available on the official website of the author.

Who has created Easy Power Plan?

The Easy Power Plan program was created by Ryan Taylor, a 45-year Geography teacher from Memphis, Tennessee. The idea of building an electric device came from his uncle, who was a researcher in electrical engineering.

Easy Power Plan Author Ryan Tylor

To execute the idea and make such devices, he worked with Jason Newman, a friend of his uncle. After many failures and hard times, they built a remarkable device that can generate power on its own.

Ryan Tylor has put a lot of hours, days, and months into building an easy power source to keep his family far from a blackout and shivering winters.

Why Ryan Tylor has created an Easy Power Plan?

Let’s find out why the system has got invented, and what was the story behind it.

In December 2015, when the Mississippi River’s water started turning into ice the temperature was rapidly falling down.

Within a few hours, people began experiencing one of the coldest weather and suddenly electricity was got cut. Hence there was no power backup provided by Government authorities or by electricity companies and on top of that people were warned for 24-72 hours of the same situation.

Power Cut off
Power Cut off in Ryan’s City

That was a horrible scene for citizens and for Ryan as his little daughters were unable to bear that cold.

This incident has shaken up Ryan from the inside and inspired him to build an electricity source to power his home appliances and to use as a backup in such harsh conditions.

He researched a lot about building an electricity source that is incredibly cheap, easy to build, portable, and produces sustainable energy for months if not days without sun, wind, and gas.

Yes, there were inverters and generators available, but in order to have them produce electricity, you need to fuel them first. Which costs a lot, and the maximum a home inverter can produce is 4-8 hours of electricity backup. So, this was not something that Ryan could take as a solution.

Also, Solar energy is a good choice but usually, it costs a lot.

The building process along with the material required to build such an electricity-producing device was later formed into an eBook format and named Easy DIY Power Plan.

How Does the Easy Power Plan Work?

This is the main section of our Easy Power Plan Review. You may get baffled listening to the Easy Power Plan scam! is it really a scam? Well, let’s know more.

Until the mechanism of a working machine is proven scientifically the machine is near to known as a scam. Fortunately, the Easy Power plan that Ryan introduced is based upon a scientific principle.

This amazing easy power plan works by utilizing the spinning principle used in the automobile industry for power generation.

Easy power plan Working Principle

The system has been created using Nature’s Energy Multiplication principle which is when a small amount of energy is induced in a device and then multiplied through the spinning principle.

The process is determined as a dynamo process, and the device contains copper coils for supporting turbines and generates an electromagnetic field for producing electricity. With over-unity, the magnetic field rotation that distributes little electrical energy up to six times works without energy loss.

Hence, a small chunk of the produced energy is utilized again to recharge the system to produce more energy. Hence this is a self-rechargeable everlasting electricity-producing device that can power anything you want.

As per the concerns, the Easy Power Plan machine is a user-friendly, easy-to-use energy-generating tool compared to conventional generators that require a fuel source, Easy Power Plan can be considered a charming substitution.

This does not require fuel or maintenance to activate and provides real benefits with similar features.

Is the Easy Power Plan legit or a hoax?

The Easy DIY Power Plan program is based upon scientifically proven electricity generation principles and built with real objects which Ryan has taught in the ebook.

60-days Money Back Guarantee
60-day Money Back Guarantee

Also, Ryan offers a 60-day money-back guarantee for the buyers of the program. Hence undoubtedly Easy Power Plan program is legit and you can also build a power plan mentioned by Ryan and start saving your money.

Easy Power Plan is not a hoax or dummy scheme to lure people’s money, there is hype over the internet about this. If somehow the Easy Power Plan doesn’t work or you are stuck meanwhile then you can contact Ryan and ask him for his help in building the device.

Hence we can conclude that the Easy DIY Power plan is a completely legit program and not a hoax or scam.

Over 17000 people have already benefitted from his teaching inside the Easy Power Plan program. You can get access from his official website (click the button below), along with your purchase you’ll also get his personal support and email address to get in touch with him anytime.

Benefits of Easy Power Plan

This is a simple and easy DIY plan utilizing a step-by-step guide for establishing an affordable power plant for your home.

The beneficial aspects associated with Easy Power Plan are:

  1. Easy Power Plan is easy to build, portable, and can save you around 60-100% of your electricity bills overall.
  2. This gives you relevant financial independence by reducing your electricity bills and saving you money.
  3. Easy Power Plan is about helping you have a power solution during any sort of power emergency.
  4. It hardly costs around $106 to make it ready to use with raw materials and other parts (You’ll get a complete parts list and an Easy power plan pdf of the instruction manual, so you don’t have to rush)
  5. It is portable and compact in size and can be moved to any place as per requirements.
  6. This one-time investment would help you in many different ways to save energy, pay fewer bills, and have a backup for emergency usage.

As per benefit concerns here, some of the basic features have been discussed. The essential feature of a device is its simplicity, and you will not have any problems setting up an Easy Power Plan.

The effective and easy method provided in the ebook is helpful for you to set up the device, and you can ask for help as per your requirements from the official website as well. After purchasing the product, you will receive an E-mail regarding any query or help.

The principle and source of power here do not lead to environmental concerns and can help in reducing adverse environmental effects in the process. This will be a free power source such as solar energy, and you need to invest one time for the setup.

Pros and Cons of Easy Power Plan

This Easy Power Plan Review is incomplete without discussing the Pros and Cons of the program.


  1. Easy Power Plan is a guide for making user-friendly devices for meeting your electricity needs.
  2. This is easy to build, and an affordable parts list is provided and suggested for making this power device on your own.
  3. The suggested system or device does not produce fires or fumes and does not contain environmental pollution aspects.
  4. Easy Power Plan devices are easier to use, less risky, and highly effective as per the electricity generation standards.
  5. By following the Easy Power Plan eBook instructions, any person without any technical or machinery knowledge can assemble and make the devices as per their requirements.
  6. Easy Power Plan pdf provides the scope of specialized knowledge about building different devices as per economy.
  7. You get the chance to avail yourself of your money back within 60 days of purchasing if you get unexpected results.
  8. The suggested system is environmentally friendly and does not release or contain any toxic materials.
  9. The electricity generator is portable, and all the materials needed for it are available in the market for cheap.


  1. Here you need to follow the instructions and watch videos for making an electricity generator device on your own.
  2. As this is a machine, you can experience some technical issues while making or using it.

In addition, it also powers itself without energy waste while creating energy. We can see that this system offers you the easiest approach to producing tiny power plants at home.

Easy Power Plan is the first and only innovative guidance and program for conserving your power to save money.

Easy DIY Power Plan generator customer reviews

Being unbiased, I have to include this section in this Easy Power Plan Review as well.

While searching for Easy Power Plan we found a lot of customer reviews, which you can check out on the official site.

Some users who scream out that the Easy Power Plan is a scam are most probably the ones who do not follow the instructions and videos properly. Otherwise, they would have asked the author Ryan to help them in building their Easy Power Plan as well. As with the purchase of the ebook, you also get the personal email of Ryan Taylor, and you can ask him for help.

The website itself provides proof of actual customer traffic and testimonials about the legitimacy. In the review section, real advantages and disadvantages are revealed of the Easy Power Plan.

While it sounds really good in actual theory, it is also applicable in making a real DIY Power System for your use in an easy and affordable way.

As per the user reviews and experiences with Easy Power Plan, it is worth trying a better option than solar or wind energy sources for managing your daily electricity bill.

More than 80000+ families trust Easy Power Plans and utilize this cost-effective device to manage electricity requirements.

How much does Easy Power Plan cost: Pricing and Discount

The Easy Power Plan here provides a set of money-saving opportunities in the provided package and is available with huge discounts.

The Easy Power Plan comes with a Bundle set of 5 different innovative and unique bonuses for only $49.

easy power plan download
easy power plan

From the below-discounted link, you can purchase an officially licensed copy of the Easy DIY Power Plan. Once purchased, the program can be downloaded on the device and can be printed for reference.

After purchase, if somehow you feel that the Easy Power Plan program is not working for you then you can request a complete refund within 60 days of the purchase date (under a 60-day money-back guarantee).

What is included in the Easy DIY Power Plan bundle

Easy power Plan is a complete guide for you that includes many other bonus E-books written by the author. This would help in saving more power and also in generating more savings for you. The bonus E-books are included with the package and are free to download once you buy an Easy Power Plan copy from this specific link for our readers.

easy power plan pdf free bonus blueprints download
easy power plan pdf free bonus blueprints
  • Money-Saving Tips for Families: This provides you guidance for strategies and tips for saving money.
  • Saving Power Saving the World: This E-book provides you with various ways of power conservation and guides for your reference.
  • Go Green Save Green at the Same Time: This specific E-book helps in understanding how you can generate and preserve electric power for your needs.
  • 15 Top Ways to Save Money: This provides disclosure of different frauds and scams that would help in understanding different facts about the scam.
  • How to be Environment Friendly: The package also includes E-books suggesting power plans’ importance of environment-friendly and natural aspects.

The Easy Power Plan, so little, so compact, and affordable, will not strain your pockets anywhere. If you enjoy DIY projects and saving money on electricity, then you will definitely like Easy Power Plan.

The program, which is a template, facilitates and simplifies explanation. You may simply comprehend how your power plant can be built by reading the Easy Power Plan blueprint properly.

Verdict: Is it worth buying the Easy Power Plan?

Yes, it is a worthy decision to buy an Easy power Plan for your home use. Easy Power Plan is a program that helps you to overcome costly bills of electricity and get rid of power issues. This E-book provides a detailed guide on making a real homemade electricity generator.

These include instructions for creating an electric generator, schematics, component lists, and information. It also has all the necessary facts for designing a power generation source for less time and money.

You’ll get an Easy Power Plan pdf along with 5 different bonus ebooks to help you generate electricity and save more money. With your purchase, you have a 60-day money-back guarantee and a 24*7 customer support email address.

Hence when a seller provides everything to help you get what he promises and shares a personal email address to support you, then I think the product Easy DIY Power plan is worth it. It advocates reasonable pricing and legitimacy itself.

A Complete Easy Power Plan blueprint guides you in creating a device to manage your daily electricity requirements.  It provides a complete guarantee of customer satisfaction as it provides a 60-day money-back guarantee for the entire program to build, test, and get results for you.

I hope my Easy Power Plan Review 2024 has helped you in finding out the details and true opinions about the program.

So, what are you waiting for? Go for it and enjoy the benefits of an easy power plan.