Smart Solar Box Reviews November 2022: Is Smart Solar Box scam, eBook pdf download

(Last Updated On: October 27, 2022)

In this Smart Solar Box Review of 2022, we’ll be looking over what the Smart Solar Box system is, its plans & video features, and does it really works or is just a scam.

Nowadays using solar energy is on the rise and people are searching for affordable ways to install solar panels to generate free electricity. A traditional solar panel set up by a solar company costs anywhere between $10k-$20k which is so expensive that a lot of people have to abandon the thought of going solar.

This is why going solar still remains a dream for most of us.

Fortunately, there are mentors like Ryan Tanner who has cracked the formula and helped over 17,000+ people in setting up their own solar panel systems for just $200.

The Smart Solar Box by Ryan Tanner is a solar energy learning program that will help you build a solar panel system for less than $200.

Ryan and his customers have claimed to save over 68% on electricity bills from the first month of installing the Smart Solar Box setup.

Smart Solar Box Reviews 2022

In this Smart Solar Box Reviews of 2022, we’ll be talking about the program, its features, how it works, how to build Smart Solar Box, it’s pricing, and I will also share some limitations and the cons of the Smart Solar Box program.

Let’s get started,

What is a Smart Solar Box exactly?

Smart Solar Box is an educational program that teaches you how to build your own electricity source with the help of free sustainable sun energy.

Smart Solar Box product image


Though the concept of converting sun energy into usable electricity is not new and I personally don’t brag about it but the installation cost is the main reason many people are still avoiding it unwillingly.

But there is a way, anyone can cut down the hefty solar panel installation cost and build a DIY Solar Box for themselves by following the Smart Solar Box Program from here.

Smart Solar Box is a bundle of Video series that shows you each and every step of building a solar panels system from used batteries and connectors which you can find in your garage or in a storeroom.

The program also suggests some parts to build the system that you can grab from a local hardware store for a few dollars.

Remember Smart Solar Box is a digital learning program which is a great advantage as you can watch the videos anywhere and on any device.

The author of the Smart Solar Box: Ryan Tanner

Smart Solar Box is a revolutionary solar teaching program that is created by Ryan Tanner.

Ryan Tanner's Photo
Ryan Tanner’s Photo

The idea and the raw model of the actual Smart Solar Box are designed by Ryan’s father who just wanted to have extra backup power during a sudden power cut or while there are snowy storms and flash blizzards happen.

Ryan Tanner Solar Battery Box
Ryan Tanner Solar Battery Box

One day at his father’s house (after his father passed away), Ryan found 6 sets of the old dusted box which is powering the whole house when there is no power all around.

After a quick investigation, he found that the boxes are connected to some foldable solar panel systems which are occupying a very little area. (You can read the full story here)

The system was designed so intelligently that it was producing 10 times more electricity than regular solar panels.

According to Ryan himself, the solar box that his father designed was generating more power than usual, it seems that the boxes were squeezing the sun’s energy completely and converting it into AC electricity.

Then Ryan took the boxes with him to his home and started learning the science of the setup. The setup was too complex that it took Ryan 1 complete year to figure out how the solar box was set up in that efficient way.


Does a Smart Solar Box really work? Can you save on electricity expenses?

We all know that solar energy works and if set up correctly then it can generate electricity for years. Smart Solar Box is all about using solar energy to power your home appliances.

So there is no doubt Smart Solar Box will going to work for anyone.

Smart Solar Box working model
Smart Solar Box working model

Even 17341 people have already enrolled in the program, learned the skills, and build their DIY Smart Solar Box.

It’s a fact that whenever someone looks for alternate energy sources they ended up their research with solar energy solutions because it’s achievable, the setup lasts for years, and generates electricity for free.

But the only thing which is stopping the masses to use it is the expensive solar panel installation cost.

But there is no need for such installations; you can set up a DIY Smart Solar Box for just $200 at your home by watching the videos by Ryan Tanner.

Inside the Smart Solar Box, Ryan will show you how you can utilize the used Car Batteries (that you probably have or can grab for a few dollars) to store the electricity generated by the solar panels. You can then use that electricity anytime as a power backup.

Car Battery's photo
Car Battery’s photo

You’ll also learn how to create foldable solar panels which need the least ground area, and then how to connect them to the main power line of your home.

So, the basic concept of a Smart Solar Box is to teach you how the solar panels work and what things around you are used to build a DIY solar panel system. This keeps the cost so grounded.

From the first month of the Smart Solar Box setup, it will start producing enough electricity that you can easily save 68% on electricity expenses.

Hence Smart Solar Box Really works if you put in the work and follow each and every step explained by Ryan Tanner in his videos.


Smart Solar Box Benefits and Features:

Smart Solar Box comes with a lot of features that I must include in this Smart Solar Box Review of 2022.

Build Cost is just $200

By following the Smart Solar Box video tutorials you’ll be able to build a solar panels system for just $200 which is a great advantage. You’ll be spending $200 on the required parts and components to build a Smart Solar Box on your own.

Honestly, this “$200 + Smart Solar Box program fee” can reduce your electricity bill by 68% from the first month of installation. That is approximately $1200+ in savings each year.

You’re building it for years

One of the great features of using solar panels is that they keep on producing electricity for years. This is why solar companies offer 5-15 years of warranty on panel installation parts and services.

Start saving 68% on electricity bills

Ryan and his many customers have reported that they started saving around 68% on electricity bills and some of them even saved more than 80%.

The main goal of the Smart Solar Box program is to teach you how to use solar energy to generate electricity so you can get rid of the burden of expensive electricity.

Hence the Smart Solar Box helps you achieve that from the first month.

Build to use free Solar Energy

The Smart Solar Box program is all about teaching you the most efficient way of using solar panels to harness free solar energy to build your own Easy power plant.

Since the concept of using solar energy is not new but what Ryan teaches in the Smart Solar Box Program is quite different. If you’re a DIYer then you seriously love building a Smart Solar Box by following Ryan’s approach.

Video Guide & blueprint format by Ryan

The Smart Solar Box is available in Video guide format which is great in terms of learning purposes.

Most peoples prefer to watch videos and step-by-step tutorials to follow in order to build something they are not familiar with.

Hence the Smart Solar Box program is offered in Video guide blueprint format. You can watch the videos on any device, anywhere, and for unlimited time.

60 Days Money Back Guarantee

When you buy a copy of Smart Solar Box then you’re protected by a 60-day money-back guarantee. Meaning you watch the video, build the Smart Solar Box and somehow you didn’t save on electricity bills. You can claim a refund from the official site even if it is on the 60th day.

Customer Support

The customer support that Ryan and his team offer is best in class, meaning they really want to help you build a DIY Smart Solar Box panel system so you can save your money from throwing on electricity companies.

Environment friendly

By following the program, You’re building something great not only for you but also for nature, and our environment. Since Solar energy is free, renewable, sustainable, and free from carbon emission that means you’re contributing a noble part to saving our environment.

Power Backup anytime

Nonetheless, if you have installed a Smart Solar Box then it will start generating power which you can use or store in batteries for later use. This way you can have precious electricity backup when there is a power cut or a disaster happens.

The Smart Solar Box features are endless, once you install it you can start experiencing it.

Smart Solar Box pricing

So, you may be thinking about how much Smart Solar Box costs to build and what is included in the product.

In this Smart Solar program review, I must include the cost of the learning materials and if it is worth investing in them.

The Smart Solar Box costs $39.69 in which you’ll get a complete set of Video guides and a blueprint for building a Smart Solar Box for just $200.

With your purchase, you’ll receive a 60-day money-back guarantee and 24/7 email support from Ryan Tanner.


Is Smart Solar Box a Scam or Legit

Smart Solar Box is completely a legit program available in Video format that teaches you how to build a power backup solution with the help of solar panels.

Solar panels are used to convert the freely available sun energy into usable AC electricity with the help of inverters. But a lot of people don’t pursue the solar panel setup because of the initial installation cost charges by solar companies.

This is where Smart Solar Box comes in as a helpful resource that will walk you through step by step of building Solar Box from used car batteries, connectors, and solar panels. The components and the parts that are suggested inside the program don’t cost more than $200.

That means with an initial investment of “$200 + Smart Solar Box Program fee” you’ll be building a Smart Solar Box to help you save approx 68% money on electricity bills monthly.

Smart Solar Box product image


The legitimacy of the Smart Solar Box can be gauged by its popularity, money-back guarantee, and customer support. There are 17341 (and counting) customers who become able to save money and reduced their electricity bills by up to 70-80%.

Only a few folks who think Solar Panels can’t be installed so cheap and favor big solar companies say the program is a scam or complaints about smart solar boxes.

But this is not the truth, to generate electricity you only need a solar panel, a battery, connectors, and a few parts which you can grab from a local hardware store (these all cost around $200).

And then, a legit course like the Smart Solar Box program that shows you how to assemble and set up the panels in the most efficient way that it can produce 10 times more electricity than usual.

See below what customers are reviewing about the Smart Solar Box

Smart Solar Box Customer Reviews

I’m not alone here to advocate the legitimacy of Smart Solar Box, rather there are thousands of customers who have rated and reviewed the Smart Solar Box program as one of the best to learn about solar panels installation.

Check out a few Smart Solar Box customer reviews

Smart Solar Box Independent Customer Review
Smart Solar Box Independent Customer Review
Smart Solar Box Customer Reviews
Smart Solar Box Customer Reviews

Smart Solar Box pdf Download

(eBook PdF Download From Discounted Link)

Before heading towards purchasing Smart Solar Box, you must know what you’re going to learn from it. This is only possible if you know the Table of Content from the Smart Solar Box pdf.

Check out the Smart Solar Box pdf TOC:

Smart Solar Box PDF table of Content
Smart Solar Box PDF table of Content

Smart Solar Box Video (In working condition)

Here is the introductory video that I thought to include in this Smart Solar Box Review of November 2022.

Smart Solar Box in working condition,

So, you saw that with a tiny setup of Smart Solar Box you can generate enough electricity to power your home appliances.


You can also set up more Smart Solar Boxes to power your entire home and go completely off-grid.

Pros and Cons of Smart Solar Box:

To keep this Smart Solar Box Program Review of 2022 unbiased, I must include the pros as well as the cons of the solar program.

Meaning if you join Smart Solar Box today then what advantage you may have and where the Smart Solar Box lacks to fulfill your expectations.

Let’s start with Smart Solar Box Pros

Available in Video Format

Having Video tutorials is a key element of any teaching program. The same goes for the Smart Solar Box system. Ryan Tanner has added multiple step-by-step video tutorials to help you learn the solar panel’s setup briefly.

Additionally, you can download and watch the video for a lifetime and on any device from anywhere in the world.

Smart Solar Box is a Practical thing

Smart Solar Box is not a fantasy or limited to pdf and videos, rather you can build a Smart Solar Box for yourself practically.

Thousands of people have already built and started saving money on expensive electricity bills.

60 Days money-back guarantee

When you purchase a Smart Solar Box today you’ll be protected with a 60-day no question asked money-back guarantee. This long duration proves that the Smart Solar Box is a legit program and the creator Ryan Tanner is so confident in his offerings.

The Cost of a Smart Solar Box is affordable

With just $39.69 you’ll be able to build a DIY Smart Solar Box which is really affordable and beneficial. Inside the program, Ryan Tanner teaches you how to build a solar panels system for just $200 which saves almost $70-$100 every month on electricity bills.

Using Solar Energy

Solar energy is all time free, renewable, and sustainable energy source, and if you learn how to use it properly you’ll be saving a lot of money from day one.

Using solar energy is one of the best decisions you would make in your life because this way, you’ll also contribute your part to keeping our environment safe.

Lightweight and Portable

The Solar Box you will build is completely portable and lightweight. This means you can carry it for your camping trip to have a power source.

Cons of Smart Solar Box

  1. There is no physical product that is going to be shipped. The Smart Solar Box is available in Video guide and pdf Blueprint format. Also, there are some parts and components that you need to buy to build a Solar box.
  2. Though the solar box you build will be very useful but in cloudy weather where the sun doesn’t shine the solar box stopped generating electricity.

You can get rid of such situations by installing enough batteries to store the extra electricity generated on regular days.

So, I hope this Smart Solar Box review of 2022 has helped you make the right decision to enroll in the Smart Solar Box program. Click the button below to activate the 30% coupon on Smart Solar Box.


Before ending this Smart Solar Box Review I think I have to address some common questions that you may have.

Smart Solar Box Reviews: FAQs

Does the Smart Solar Box work?

Of course, the Smart Solar Box works because the program is based on converting solar energy into electricity, which is a proven method. The system is all about using solar energy in the most efficient way by tweaking the solar panel’s installation process.

What is included when you order a Smart Solar Box today

If you order today, you’ll get complete video series on building a Smart Solar Box and a pdf blueprint consisting of a list of essential parts and components.

Also, there are some helpful bonus guides that will be available to download from your account.

How to Build a Smart Solar Box?

Building Smart Solar Box is super easy when you have blueprints in your hand. You can spend countless hours guessing the right setup and installation process jargon or you have a better choice to get the blueprints and video guide right away.

With a little investment in Smart Solar Box, you can build your own solar panel system that can start generating electricity within hours.

Has anyone tried Smart Solar Box?

Smart Solar Box has more than 17000 satisfied customers which prove that the Smart Solar Box really works and is a legit program, not a scam. Many of them have claimed to save more than 60% on electricity bills from their first month of installation.

How much does Smart Solar Box Cost and does it offers a guarantee?

The Smart Solar Box costs $39.69 in which you’ll get a complete set of Video guides and a blueprint for building a Smart Solar Box for just $200. With your purchase, you’ll receive a 60-day money-back guarantee and 24/7 email support from Ryan Tanner.

My Verdict:

Though there are tons of solar energy learning programs, books, and courses available online and you can learn a lot of things from there.

But most of them will push you towards the traditional installation process that most solar companies follow which results in the expensive upfront cost of the solar panel system.

This is why you’re probably thinking to join Smart Solar Box to save money and bypass the expensive installation cost.

The product will help you build an alternative sustainable and renewable source of electricity that will surely help you save a lot of money and allow you to have a power backup solution always.

Also, you’ll be offered some additional guides (free) that will help you scale the solar box to power your entire house. If somehow you think the program isn’t helping you to save your money then you can ask for a full refund within 60 days of your purchase.

The money you spend in learning and building the skills of harnessing the power of solar energy will be completely worth it. Hence considering what Smart Solar Box offers and a 60-day money-back guarantee, I highly recommend it. Click the link below and buy a copy now.


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