Does Backyard Revolution Solar really work? Is it legit or Scam?

(Last Updated On: September 30, 2023)

Backyard Revolution Solar is a solar panels and energy learning program that teaches you how to build DIY 3D Solar Panels to generate electricity from free solar energy. Let’s find out Does Backyard Revolution Solar really works. Is Backyard Revolution legit or it’s just another scam in this internet era?

Check out the Backyard Revolution Solar panel’s independent customer reviews from a random comment discussion on YouTube. Alternatively, check out my unbiased Backyard Revolution Review to learn more about Zack Bennett’s solar program.

DIY 3D Solar Panel independent Reviews
DIY 3D Solar Panel independent customer Reviews

Before proceeding I want to ask you, do you believe in solar electricity? Do you think solar energy can produce enough electricity to power your home or your entire city? And have you heard of the largest solar panel farms established across the USA producing electricity in MegaWatt units per day?

If you have answered any of my questions with “Yes” then there is no doubt the Backyard Revolution Solar system will going to work for you.

Let me clarify Backyard Revolution Solar panel system is not a physical product anyway, rather it is a digital product that teaches you how to use free sustainable solar energy and convert it into electricity to power your home.

So, if you follow the whole Video guides and blueprint pdf provided in the Backyard Revolution Solar program then it definitely works for you and you’ll be able to generate electricity from your backyard space.

Let’s go into more detail about why solar panels work and how does Backyard Revolution Solar System works for you, is the backyard revolution hoax or a legit program in the name of solar energy.

How Does Backyard Revolution Work and is it worth Buying

How do solar panels work?

Well, everyone knows solar panels convert sun energy into usable electricity that can be used to power electric appliances in our homes.

But a lot of people don’t even know how solar panels actually work and how to install them to produce electricity.

  • Solar panels are built out of Solar PV cells.

Solar PV cells (Solar Photovoltaic cells) convert the sun’s energy into direct electricity. The science behind the conversion is PV cells, these cells are made up of silicon which conducts the electricity flow and maintains the electricity imbalance.

Thus the Direct current generated by solar panels is directed toward the connected inverter which converts the DC electricity into usable AC electricity.

  • We use AC form of electricity in our home

Now the AC electricity flows towards the breaker box which passes the current to the appliances in our home and offices.

Some people use extra batteries to store excess electricity produced by solar panels.

This is how solar panels actually work.

Making solar panels is actually a very tedious task, instead of making solar panels from scratch, you can go for the solar panels that are available on the market already.

250 Watt Solar Panel
250 Watt Solar Panel

This way you’ll save a lot of money and precious time.


How does Backyard Revolution Solar work?

When you install a Backyard Revolution Solar panels system then it starts absorbing solar energy and converts it into DC electricity which is then converted into the desired AC electricity with an inverter connected to the system.

The AC electricity flows to the breaker box and then to the home appliances. This is how the Backyard Revolution Solar system works.

Backyard Revolution Solar system in working condition
Backyard Revolution Solar system in working condition

The overall concept of using solar panels is as same as the solar companies follow but with the Backyard Revolution solar program the main benefit is you’ll be able to save on hefty solar panel installation costs and learn to build a solar panel tower in under $500 only.

Getting the right solar panels is the foundation of your solar panel plans but installing them in the right way with the right inverter and breaker box is another job that should be done efficaciously.

If you’re new to the solar world then I highly recommend you learn the nitty-gritty basics of installation and get to know the tricks of maximizing the output of the smart solar panels.

To achieve the desired results from the solar panels consider joining the Backyard Revolution Solar System Program. This is the topmost and most highly rated solar panels course available currently.

Backyard Revolution Solar system is created by Zack Bennett an ordinary carpenter from Orlando, but with extraordinary solar panel skills.

Zack Bennett the Author of Backyard Revolution Program
Zack Bennett the Author of the Backyard Revolution Program

It took him a long trial and error process to finalize the actual Backyard Revolution Solar Panel tower that he uses to generate electricity for his home. So you can expect to learn from his strong experience in building solar panel projects.

The Backyard Revolution solar plans he teaches you in the program can be built for under $500 and occupies just 10 square feet of area.

3D Solar Panel Model
3D Solar Panel Model

Does the Backyard Revolution video guide & Blueprints really work?

To be honest, if the Backyard Revolution system is followed properly then it will definitely going to work for you and generate solar electricity.

The Backyard revolution solar system is the bundle of ultimate resources for learning about using solar energy. When you purchase a copy of the program you’ll receive an eBook that explains the whole process from selecting the right solar panels to installing them and getting the system to work. Also, you’ll get a demonstrative video showing you the step-by-step process of getting the Backyard solar system ready to produce electricity.


If you follow the whole Backyard Revolutions Solar plans explained by Zack Bennett then I’m sure you’ll be able to build a DIY Solar panels system that can generate free electricity for you.

Is the Backyard revolution worth it?

The main objective of creating a Backyard Revolution Solar system is to build a solar panels system that generates more electricity and occupies a very small area while keeping the cost grounded.

Just because the traditional solar panel installation can cost somewhere around $10,000-$20,000 solar electricity is still not getting much exposure and is still out of the reach of many peoples.

But people like you still want to use solar electricity to lower utility bills amount and want to have an alternative source of power backups to use when a power outage happens.

With the launching of the Backyard Revolution Solar program, people like you become able to cut the expensive installation costs and build their own solar panels at home and which is under $500.

Backyard Revolution Video Guide and Blueprint pdf
Backyard Revolution Video Guide and Blueprint pdf

The Backyard Revolution program is going to cost you $39 only (but remember this is a digital form of learning program you still have to purchase the items to build a solar system) and with this tiny investment, you’ll learn how to build solar panels system in under $300-$500. That is a fraction (around 1-2%) of traditional installation from a solar company.

So, being unbiased, the Backyard Revolution Solar system is totally worth the cost.


Just because if an investment of $39 can enhance your skills in the solar world which is going to bring endless returns in terms of saving money on electricity bills for 10-20 years, then joining Backyard Revolution solar system will be your wise decision and totally worth it.

Is Backyard Revolution a Scam or legit?

Let’s face it, the Backyard Revolution solar panels program is a legit program that teaches you how to build solar panels in your home for less than $500.

The author Zack Bennett is a real businessman as he offers a 60-day money-back guarantee that shows his confidence in his product. On top of that, you also have 12 months of email support to get help from him or his team.

Now as of 2023, the Backyard Revolution program is already 5-6 years old in the market and has got various media coverage in the United States. This shows the legitimacy of the Backyard Revolution Solar Program.

Now for my reader’s satisfaction, for almost two weeks I have researched thoroughly, visited multiple websites and read tons of reviews, gone through various social media threads and forums to find independent reviews of real Backyard Revolution Solar system customers.

See the customer reviews I have found for the Backyard Revolution Solar System,

Backyard Revolution Independent Customer reviews
Backyard Revolution Independent Customer reviews
Backyard Revolution Solar Panel Customer reviews
BR Solar Panel Customer reviews

Also, I have searched the terms on Google to find out if the Backyard Revolution is a hoax then the websites that Google brought me are all screaming to click through them only, they didn’t have provided any real facts to prove that the program is a scam. I also did not find any customer complaints about Backyard Revolution.

So the conclusion is it is just propaganda that the Backyard Revolution Solar Progam is completely legit and not a scam.


So let’s assume if it is not going to work for you even after a month or in 60 days then you have the right to ask for a refund from them.

Wrapping Up

So, I hope with this post you have got to know how the solar panel works, how the Backyard Revolution solar system works and is this solar program is legit or a scam.

If you’re thinking to go for green sustainable energy to fulfill your electricity needs then the Backyard Revolution Solar program will be much helpful and a complete blueprint of the solar way.

If you’re still on the fence then I highly recommend you check out my definitive guide of Backyard Revolution Solar review and find out is it worth your time and money.

See you there.