How much does Backyard Revolution Solar panel cost to build?

(Last Updated On: September 30, 2023)

It is widely known that traditional solar panel installation can cost you around $15,000-$20,000 when you hire a solar company or a private contractor. But the Backyard Revolution Solar system costs you just $39 and the program will teach you how you can build a Backyard Revolution solar panel tower for a fraction of 1-2% of that hefty amount.

In this post, you’ll get to know how much does Backyard Revolution Solar system costs to build, but for more details about the program, I urge you to check out my honest Backyard Revolution Review of 2023 to know whether the program is for you or not.

By learning through the Backyard Revolution Solar program you’ll be able to build a Backyard Revolution Solar panel system for even less than $200.

Remember Backyard Revolution Solar panel is not a physical product that you’ll receive when you order, rather it’s a bundle of digital eBooks and Video guides covering the whole DIY solar panel building process for a very cheap price.

Backyard Revolution Solar Panel Cost to Build

Backyard Revolution Solar panels system costs you $39 if you order today with this discounted link. For the amount, you spend you’ll receive a master eBook pdf compiling the exact blueprint of the actual Backyard Revolution Solar system that the author of this system Zack Bennett has created for himself.

Backyard Revolution Video Guide and Blueprint pdf
Backyard Revolution Video Guide and Blueprint pdf

Along with you’ll receive a Video guide by Zack Bennett himself showing you the exact building process and explaining all the basics that you must keep in mind while building the Backyard Solar System frame, staking the solar panels, and connecting the inverter and wires.

If you order today, you’ll also receive 3 bonus guides that will help you take your solar panel project to its maximum output. Three bonuses that you’ll be receiving are

  • A guide explaining to you “How to protect your homestead in case of an EMP” (electromagnetic pulse). EMP goes very seriously and can cause non-recoverable damages such as fast electric bursts to electronic appliances such as smartphones, Televisions, computers, etc. You must know how to shield your home appliances to protect them from EMP damage.
How to protect your Homestead in case of an EMP Bonus Guide
How to protect your Homestead in case of an EMP Bonus Guide
  • The second bonus guide is “How to Build your Energy Stockpile” which explains how you can store excess electricity generated by the Backyard solar tower you’ll build. What type of batteries to use and how to reuse the stored electricity when a power cut happens.
How to build your energy stockpile Bonus guide
How to build your energy stockpile Bonus Guide
  • The third bonus guide you’ll receive is “Alternative Electric Energy Sources for your Homestead” which will help you discover and set up alternative energy sources that can completely put off the electricity bill expenses.
Alternative Electric Energy Sources for your Homestead Bonus Guide
Alternative Electric Energy Sources for your Homestead

Along with all the Backyard Revolution eBook blueprint & video guide you’ll receive these 3 bonus guides too when you order today here.

(The cost of supplies and parts list explained in the Backyard Revolution solar system can range between $300-$500 which is required to build the said Solar tower)

You also have a 60-day ironclad money-back guarantee which means if somehow you’re not satisfied then you have 60 days to ask for a refund from Zack Bennett from his official site.


Do you get any support after the sale?

Yes! All Backyard Revolution customers will get 12 months of priority email support from Zack and his team. If you are stuck somewhere building and scaling your solar panel project then just shoot an email to them explaining your problem and they will help you out.

So, in total, you’re getting a lot of things and the superior one is you’ll learn a new skill that will get you an unparalleled return on your $39 investment and that’s for years.

I hope now you know how much does Backyard revolution solar panels going to cost you and what you’ll be getting after your order. Now there are some common questions I thought to answer here (probably you may also have the same questions),

Can you buy solar panels and install them yourself?

Yes! You can buy solar panels from a shop nearby you or on Amazon. There are a lot of options available in the market but it is confusing about which one is more efficient and produces the maximum electricity.

Backyard revolution Solar Program has dedicated chapters explaining what kind of solar panels are best and what things to keep in mind while purchasing the right solar panels and the complete roadmap for installing them.

How much does a solar battery cost?

Solar batteries can be your life savior when the power goes off or on cloudy days in a row. They are responsible for storing the excess electricity generated through the solar towers.

Usually, solar batteries are way more expensive and range between $1k-$15k depending upon their brands and efficiency. Since the batteries are expensive but come with a long warranty period (of almost 10 years) that pays off the investment.

To save on these hefty investments, Remember the second bonus guide that will teach you how to store the excess electricity with the batteries you could find in your storeroom or in the garage for a DIY 3D Solar panel system.


How many watts do Backyard Revolution Solar panels make?

Usually, a solar panel of 250 watts can produce on average 2500 kWh of electricity per day. If you stack more solar panels in your solar tower or build another tower then you can expect to eliminate your entire electricity bill expenses from the first month.

The solar electricity generated through the solar panels completely depends upon how many solar panels you stack on the tower.

How much do solar panels cost for a 1500 or 1700-square-foot house?

For 1500 or 1700 square feet of houses in the United States, solar panel installation can cost between $15000-$20000. But it totally depends upon the electricity consumed by specific families residing in such houses.

But the main advantage of solar panels is once they are installed they can produce free solar electricity for 15-20 years. That means you could have peace of mind for a longer period and save yourself from electricity bills.

Think about the Backyard Revolution Solar system which teaches you how to build a solar tower for less than $500 and requires only 10 square feet of area. Once built you can easily put it anywhere meaning on your balcony if you live in a flat/apartment.

What is the output of the Backyard Revolution Solar charger?

Backyard Revolution Solar chargers are a revolutionary design introduced by MIT scientists that enhance the output capacity of regular solar panel systems.

It is proven that the solar panels staked according to Backyard Revolution solar program can maximize electricity production by 85% of regular solar panels.

The zig-zag pattern installation absorbs the maximum sunlight throughout the day which results in higher electricity production.

Backyard Revolution Solar system by Zack Bennett
Backyard Revolution Solar system by Zack Bennett

Backyard Revolution Solar panel Discount

Initially, the Backyard Revolution solar panel system was introduced at a price point of $89 but with a lot of media coverage and customer demand the cost of Backyard Revolution cuts down to help as many people as the Backyard Revolution team can.

Now for a limited time, the Backyard Revolution solar panel system is available at a discounted price of $39 with this special DISCOUNT LINK.

I urge you to claim the discounted price before the price goes up. With the discounted price you’ll still get all the Backyard Revolution parts list, eBooks, video guide, complete blueprint, 3 bonus guides, 60-day money-back guarantee, and 12 months of email support.



The Backyard Revolution solar system is introduced to make people able to use sustainable free solar energy at an affordable installation cost. If you follow the Backyard Revolution plans 4 all explained in the program then you’ll be able to build a solar panel system in less than 4 hours and that’s for under $500 setup cost.

For an initial Backyard Revolution Solar cost of $39, you’ll allow yourself to learn how to build a solar panel without a large investment.

Think you allow your family to stay safe while the electricity goes off in your city as the power crisis happened in Florida two years back.

This is about having an alternate source of energy that supplies power during bad weather conditions also.

This is about saving a lot of money spent on electricity bills, this is about the precious environment, this is about nature and ultimately having Backyard Revolution Solar Panel System is a must for the safety of your family.

Go Solar!!! Go Green!!!