DIY 3D Solar Panels Review (October 2023) – MIT 3D Solar Tower, 3D Array Guide, Plans & Build Cost

(Last Updated On: September 30, 2023)

As people are moving towards sustainable solar energy, you may hear of DIY 3D solar panels which have been another rising trend in the solar industry for a while. In this DIY 3D Solar panels review of October 2023, we’ll be looking over what MIT 3D Solar Towers are, how to build 3D solar panels, 3D solar array plans, their build costs, and whether are they worth it or not.

What are DIY 3D Solar Panels?

Traditionally when solar panel installation is done by any company the solar panels are arranged sequentially on the surface/earth. Which takes up a large portion of a given land area.

You may have seen somewhere around you a traditional solar energy farm where a large open land area is covered by solar panels to absorb the maximum solar energy and convert that into electricity.

Solar Star, a Solar Panel Farm in California
Solar Star, a Solar Panel Farm in California

This is undoubtedly a good way, but this kind of installation needs a large and open area which definitely costs a lot.

This is where the DIY MIT 3D Solar Tower installation comes as a savior.

A 3D solar panels system is a great idea for arranging and staking the solar panels vertically compared to the horizontal installation.

In a 3D Solar panels system, solar panels are stacked one above the other in a zig-zag form giving it the ability to expose the panels to absorbing maximum solar energy in the very least space.

DIY 3D Solar Panel Model
DIY 3D Solar Panel Model

Using a 3D Solar Panel system gives you two-way benefits,

  1. It can be installed in less than 10 square feet area,
  2. It can be built by yourself within 2-4 hours and for less than $500. After installation, it will produce sustainable solar electricity for years.

Earlier the 3D solar panel concept was introduced by a group of scientists at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). That’s why it is also known as the MIT 3D Solar Array or DIY 3D Solar Panels project.

Then a carpenter from Orlando “Zack Bennett” took the idea and started working on it and after two years of consistent trial-error process, he has built a DIY 3D Solar panels array that can be placed in a very narrow backyard too.

MIT 3D Solar Array

As I said some solar scientists from MIT introduced the idea of a 3D Solar panel system in order to achieve maximum solar electricity in a given area.

But it was only the idea and the prototype showed up as a tabletop model. See the actual image of the MIT 3D Solar panel

MIT 3D Solar Tower
MIT Solar Tower

Then years after in 2016-17, Zack Bennett tried the idea to make a real-life DIY 3D solar panel system as an alternative source of electricity.

Because he wanted to have a power backup source on blackout days and on sudden power-off days due to natural disasters in order to keep his family safe.

This is why He has built DIY Solar panel towers that can be placed even in the corner of the backyard of his home.

Backyard Revolution Solar system by Zack Bennett
3D Solar System by Zack Bennett

3D Solar Panels Cost

Surprisingly, DIY 3D Solar panel build costs lie around $300 to $500, which is far cheaper compared to a traditional solar panel installation by a solar company or a private contractor.

On top of that once you learn the right skills for installing solar panels then you can scale the 3D MIT Solar tower to make it your main power supply source for your home. You can take it as a side business and offer installation services to others too.

But before heading, make sure you have learned the necessary skills of installing solar panels, storing the electricity, choosing the right batteries, and connecting the wires properly to avoid any kind of short circuit.

To help you avoid such bad scenarios, Zack Bennett has introduced his beginner-friendly “Backyard Revolution Solar Program”.

Backyard Revolution Video Guide and Blueprint pdf
3D Solar System Video Guide and Blueprint pdf

In the 3D Solar System, Zack will teach you the whole Solar panel installation step by step, Zack will also show you what kind of solar panels are best for maximum output.


How to build 3D solar panels

Building a 3D Solar array is quite easy if you follow the right mentor and have complete video guides and blueprints in hand.

Although Building DIY 3D Solar panels doesn’t mean that you are going to build solar panels from scratch, that’s not easy and includes mechanical parts and engineering understanding.

Yet you can purchase the right solar panels from the market and assemble those at your home according to your needs.

250 Watts Solar Panel
Solar Panel

First, you have to collect the solar panels, the right batteries, wires and connectors, an inverter to store electricity, and a 3D frame to build vertically stacked 3D Solar panels.

Thus you can build your DIY 3D Solar Panels array and aim to generate extra electricity to power your home.

But, here the main questions are what kind of solar panels are to be used, what are the best batteries, how to connect the wires and how many solar panels to be staked to power your home, and how to store excess electricity.

Well, you could find the answers and video guides online but from different sites and authors, it will be hard to put things together and follow them.

Instead, I highly recommend considering purchasing a solar system program that will teach you all of the basics first and take you to the advanced level where you can be able to build your own DIY 3D solar panel tower for home use.


  • The 3D Solar Array Plans learning program is the one that can fulfill all your needs and answer all of the questions from its learning material. On top of that, you’ll have 60 days of the money-back guarantee and 12 months of email support from Zack Bennett and his staff.
  • Inside the 3D Solar program, you’ll get an eBook explaining all the basics of the solar energy world and the type of solar panels to be used for smaller land areas.

The ebook is perfectly written and includes the graphics of the real model of the 3D solar panel tower.

Also, you’ll get a video of Zack himself building a 3D Solar panel array in his backyard, explaining each step briefly.

Currently, Zack is also offering 3 bonus guides with a 3D Backyard Revolution Solar system.

How to protect your Homestead in case of an EMP Bonus Guide
How to protect your Homestead in case of an EMP Bonus Guide
How to build your energy stockpile Bonus guide
How to Build Your Energy Stockpile Bonus Guide
Alternative Electric Energy Sources for your Homestead Bonus Guide
Alternative Electric Energy Sources for Your Homestead

All three guides are super helpful and knowledge bombs as you’ll be learning how to scale your DIY 3D solar panel system to power your entire home, how you can go totally off-grid and have your own electricity source, and how to store excess electricity generated by 3D MIT Solar tower.

So, I have shown you the two ways of building your own solar panels tower. The first way is to go and collect the required knowledge and try to put things together and start building a solar system which can cost you a lot of time, energy, and money. Also, you may have to go under the uncountable trial and error methods to get things done properly. The other way is pretty straightforward which would save you time and money i.e. consider joining the right solar learning program i.e. “3D Backyard Revolution Solar System”.

After learning the right skills from the program you get to know what solar panels to be used and how to build a DIY 3D Solar array in less than 4 hours keeping the cost grounded.

This means you can build a 3D solar panel array tomorrow or this week if you follow 3D Backyard Revolution solar power plans.


DIY 3D Solar Panels Video Guide

Check out the video showing the DIY 3D Solar panel system in working condition.

Backyard Revolution Solar system in working condition
3D Solar system in working condition

DIY 3D Solar Panels Independent Customer Reviews

Keeping me unbiased in this DIY 3D Solar panels review, I must include what customers of 3D Backyard Revolution solar panels are saying. There are countless reviews from 10,000+ real customers but here are some honest reviews I have found from a YouTube Comment discussion

DIY 3D Solar Panel  independent Reviews
DIY 3D Solar Panel Independent Reviews
Backyard Revolution Solar Panel Customer reviews
Backyard Revolution Solar Panel Customer reviews
Backyard Revolution Independent Customer reviews
Backyard Revolution Independent Customer reviews


More reviews can be found on the Backyard Revolution Solar official site

Conclusion: DIY 3D MIT Solar Tower

I hope this DIY 3D Solar Panels Review has helped you learn about 3D solar panels and their building process.

3D Solar panels are a revolutionary idea of using solar panels because once a 3D Solar panels tower is installed then it can generate free electricity for 15-20 years.

Additionally, 3D Solar panels require only 10 square feet of land area which is enough to produce 20x times more electricity than a traditional solar panel installation horizontally. Also, 3D solar panels can be built for under $500 which is approx 1-2% of traditional solar panel installation costs charged by a solar company.

So, to help you build your own DIY 3D Solar Panel array, I have reviewed the whole Backyard Revolution Solar System in detail here. This is one of the definitive guides on the Backyard Revolution Solar program on the internet and you’ll know what is the solar program, whether is it legit or a scam, does it works, and whether is it worth joining. or Go straight to the official site of DIY 3D Solar System and grab the discount and additional bonus guides today.