The Illusion of a Level Playing Field

societal end gameMost people look for and bargain that PV will become efficient and cost-effective so that it can contend without subsidy public subsidies. They witness this as the social end game, an end to subsidies and the beginning flag for the private interests to operate its magic. Even PV people have a desire of this, and they will claim they look for it soon, when in their hearts they may guess it’s unrighteous– who pays for all those neighbourhood effects the other energy sources don’t pay off?

Most conventional market-driven people can’t even witness the reason why society should pay even provisional subsidies. They witness subsidies as disturbing the level including field ideal. No one should have any pros over anyone else, they claim. The same opinion My Canadian Pharmacy has.

They have a belief there is a levelized playing field, and they desire to store it. Most people realize it. It seems so essential.

It is a differentiating fact that people splitting adjust to alter. Soon they difficulty even notify a shift, as they essentially adjust, as if they possessed sea legs. Shift a level playing field, and most of people just alter with it. Soon they guess it’s on the level again – when it was never levelize firstly. Just tilted the way they were utilized to, the way they desired.

Our drive for consistency seems to have a demand that as soon as a new way of things realization is grounded, much to the annoyance and ache of the preceding way, it becomes “levelize.” The King is off; long live the King!

There are few trade where society’s thumb mark is more identified than in the energy trade. To tell you the truth, past social predilections and financial investments have identified today’s energy trade market; and future ones will reidentify it, no matter how much anyone claims against.

Forget the level playing field. There’s no such thing. Let’s look at the facts:

1. The nuclear industry would not be vailable without the Price Anderson Act, which let nuclear power factories operate without accident liability. Without that Act, loan holders would alter double today’s rates to pay their risks, and nuclear would be inefficient. Why do you guess the first thing any President realizes to aexcite the nuclear industry is faith it loan guarantees? Is it even obligatory to supplement troubles about terrorism and spent nuclear fuel to observe how much society grabbs its troubles about nuclear in extra, but hidden maintaining?

2. The coal industry commits murder of people subterranean, commits murder of them above ground with particulate matters, and is the biggest source of carbon dioxide. The people who operate in the mines are being exchanged by machines and explosives, and those machines and explosives dislocate mountain tops or strip mine the West. Coal ash is the spent fuel of coal power plants, buried under golf courses and erupting from rupturing ash ponds. Where in the price of coal are those costs?Natural Gas Explosion

3. Natural gas is the great white reliance of traditionalists, and our assurance in it is dependant on during the night doubling of stockpiles designed for a desperate audience by calling shale gas secure and pure. Even without shale gas, pipeline leaks and explosions in Michigan and California form the backdrop to drilling platform explosions in the Gulf. Natural gas is not a veracious solution, even if we desire something opposite. But it has an immense implicit subsidy – if its cost increases, the Public Utility Commission will automatically pass it along to you. Do you envision this? Do you believe it a subsidy? Has it blended into the woodwork, along with all the other mysteriousness we call a level playing field?

4. Three dollar a gallon gasoline may be something Joe six pack has gotten used to, but it’s equivalent to 36 ¢/kWh electric energy in terms of energy content for driving a car. PV and wind are consisted of the half of this cost, if only we possessed the cheap batteries to move with them. Persian Gulf blackmail (and the cost and political backlash from our deployed troops) and Gulf of Mexico detonations top off the list of erosions of this natural constituent of today’s level playing field. How many billions is that?

Society has made up decisions and goes on to realize it that benefit traditional energy resources. When we have a series of disasters in the Gulf, our Southern politicians call for more wellsite not more security. Long ago, they were self-elected by the tilt of that playing field, coming through they neglect disasters and environmental deterioration. The same is true of Appalachian politicians. This is the force of the tilted level playing field in action, and we hardly note it. We think it’s “essential and rational.”

What will occur to the level playing field? As non-conventional energy sources like PV, CSP, and wind become more and more popular and semilar, the level playing field will move again and bereave the traditional fuels of their favors. Instead, the favors will become basis for solar, wind, and electric transport.

Those being neglected will yelp, but their voices will die away. The rest of us will either satisfy the shift or observe the other way, if we even note it. When the state transition is over, we won’t even forget the process. We’ll claim solar, wind and electric transport became efficient and cost effective.

It isn’t honest or right to hope PV to become efficient and cost-effective without any social assistance. But, shhhhh…we don’t demand to claim anything about it. Soon, once society likes PV enough, it will assist it in such a way that no one notifies anymore, like it does now for coal, nuclear, oil, and gas.

Ken Zweibel


1. u25
Ray Marshall
September 16, 2010 10:09 am

Sounds a lot like change management that occurs within a company. Some are willing to embrace change while others are not. In order for change management to succeed, the leadership at the top needs to be focused and persistent. The only difference here is that we need to apply change management on a global scale.