Backyard Revolution Solar System Review, Plans and Features July 2021

Here is my detailed and unbiased Backyard Revolution Review (a Solar panel Program review) for July 2021 to help you find out whether Backyard Revolution Solar Program is legit or a scam so you can make the right decision.

You might have thought of having your own solar panel system for generating extra electricity from the unused space of your home or backyard.

Chances are you know the potential of solar power and ready to harness it but don’t know where to start.

Or you’re finding the right way or resources that tell you how to use Solar panels and build a system that lowers the burden of your electricity bills.


No worries, you’re at the right place. Go through this Backyard Revolution Review and you would be saving your electricity expenses up to 60% from the very first month.

The growing trend of using Solar systems is proof that the investment in solar panels yields great returns. This is why even the government also supporting the companies and residents who are using solar energy.

Just look at the graph and realize how rapidly people are inclining towards the solar panel system.

Annual Residential Solar PV installations
Annual Residential Solar PV installations

The growth can be credited to the average installation cost of solar panels which is declining and now in 2021, it is half of what it was in 2010. But That’s still a huge amount of $20,000.

The cost of solar panel installation and the whole system can cost anywhere between $20000-$40000. This is why solar power isn’t getting much acceptance than it should have.

But practically the average installation of a solar panel system doesn’t cost that much.

This is how the market is driven by the big corps; this is how they want to keep the secrets away from the normal persons so that they can charge whatever they want to.

But here is the catch, do you know you can easily cut the whole cost and install a solar panel system for yourself and at your home in your backyard.

Yes! You read it right. You can cut the whole cost by setting up a backyard solar panel system and can cut the use of expensive electricity by 60% from the first month of building it. That’s even for less than $500. (not joking, keep reading till the end)

This is where Backyard Revolution Solar System comes into the picture. In this Backyard Revolution Solar Reviews, I’ll show you what it is, how it can benefit your life, and does it really works, is it legit to follow or just a scam and should you go for Backyard Revolution solar panels program.

So keep reading.

Let’s dive in,

Backyard Revolution Solar Reviews July 2021

Backyard Revolution Review Video Guide:

What Backyard Revolution System is?

Backyard Revolution Solar system is a proven learning program that teaches you how to set up a solar panel system in just 10 square feet at your home and for less than $500 or at 1-2% of traditional costs ($20k-$40k) charged by solar companies.

Backyard Revolution Solar
Backyard Revolution Solar

It is the solar learning program that shows you how to increase the electricity generation potential of a regular solar panel system by up to 80%.

Backyard revolution solar system is one of the best step-by-step educational programs available in pdf and video format. Backyard Revolution pdf ebook, video guide & blueprint will help you keep the process organized while a 20-30 minute video explanation will show you all the construction steps briefly.

So you never get exhausted by the information provided in the ebook only rather you’ll have videos also inside the members-only area to learn the whole solar panel building process thoroughly.

Zack Bennett: The Backyard Revolution Solar System Creator

The Backyard Revolution Solar system is created in 2016-17 by Zack Bennett a carpenter by profession and the idea was first introduced by a group of MIT scientists in 2012.

Zack Bennett the Author of Backyard Revolution Program
Zack Bennett the Author of the Backyard Revolution Program

Yes! Zack Bennett is a professional carpenter from Orlando, the mind behind the Backyard Revolution Solar array.

Zack has spent two years straight into developing and refining his solar panel array idea and it took him a lot of time to build it and bring it to real-life use. According to him, the two years were full of blood, sweat, and tears of hard work.

The 3D Solar panel system that Zack has developed was first introduced by a team at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). The scientists at MIT had shown a tiny tabletop model of the 3D solar system but they didn’t build it then for real-life use.

See the actual pic of that model

MIT 3D Solar Tower
MIT Solar Tower

The MIT team has then put off this idea and never tried it.

Backyard Revolution Solar: a journey from Idea to Build

One day, Zack with his family has faced an unexpected rainy stormy night full of dark (the power grid was off due to the bad weather conditions). On the same night, A robber got into his home with bad intentions and Zack was helpless with his wife and a 2-year daughter. The robber was unaware of their presence, he thought there was nobody. But miraculously Zack’s Daughter started crying which made the robber run away.

Fortunately, the night has passed but the incident has changed Zack’s mind and sparked the idea of getting his own electricity source rather than relying on irresponsible electricity providers.

With intensive research of getting his own electricity sources concluded he towards solar energy. Because Solar energy could be produced with solar panels at home also and it is the only renewable and sustainable source of energy that is free also.

Hence he decided to create a solar panel system to place in his backyard under direct sunlight.

The reason for building a Backyard Revolution solar power system is, it consumes only 10 sq feet of area and can be built for under $200-$500 if you follow Zack Bennett’s Backyard Revolutions solar plans.

How Does Backyard Revolution plan Work?

The US Government has established the largest solar panel farm “Solar Start” in Kern and Los aneles Counties in an area of 13 Square kilometers to generate solar power. Alone, this solar panel farm can produce 579MW which is sufficient to power 255,000+ homes.

Solar Star, a Solar Panel Farm in California
Solar Star, a Solar Panel Farm in California

So, if Government is pursuing the solar way then there is no doubt whether the solar panel can work for you and power your regular home appliances or not.

Solar panels can definitely generate the electricity to power your homes, big buildings, or even the whole cities also. The amount of power is directly proportional to the number of solar panels you are using.

In the above example look at the number of solar panels used at those farms (in millions).

So, with a tiny space available at your home or in the backyard how would you install enough solar panels?

Well, The only answer is “Backyard Revolution Solar Panel System”

The main concept of the Backyard Revolution solar System is to utilize the least space to install a maximum number of solar panels. So to achieve this goal, the only way is to go vertically instead of spreading the panels on the surface horizontally.

Look at the actual 3D solar panel system that Zack has built

Backyard Revolution Solar Panel real life model
Backyard Revolution Solar Panel real-life model

So, you have seen the proof and got the idea about Backyard Revolution really works.

In the Backyard Revolution solar program, Zack teaches you to arrange solar panels in a zig-zag way so each panel gets the maximum sunlight in a given space. Then sunlight is absorbed by solar panels which convert the sun’s energy into electricity.

It took Zack two years to find the right tilt and angle of arranging solar panels to get the maximum power output from the 3D solar tower.

Being a carpenter he was able to build the frame out of wood which is seriously amazing because the wooden frame is safe to use compared to metal frames also wooden frames are easy to customize and cost-effective.

Backyard Revolution 3D Solar Tower Frame
Backyard Revolution 3D Solar Tower Frame

Zack Bennett has laid out the actual Backyard revolution building process in a video guide & blueprint pdf format in his solar program. So you don’t have to go through all those trial and error processes which would cost you time and money.

It’s a completely DIY 3D solar panel system that you can build at your home.

Backyard Revolution Solar System Features

Being honest there is a number of features Backyard Revolution solar panels have that I have to include in this Backyard Revolution Solar Reviews of July 2021.

Using Free Solar Energy:

The government and many NGOs are already suggesting using Solar energy, so why don’t we take a leap on the trend.

This is maybe because we just overlook this tremendous gift of nature and follow the hype of costly maintenance of solar panels spread by big corps to keep us filling their pockets.

Backyard Revolution is a learning program that teaches you to use solar energy which is available to everyone.

This is a kind of Renewable and sustainable energy that anyone can generate at their home. With the right setup guidelines, you can start generating enough electricity that can cut your bills up to half or maybe the full.

Easy to follow Solar Program:

Zack Bennett’s Solar program is great when it comes to following the steps. You’ll have the complete Backyard revolution plans in pdf format that you can follow easily. Also, a video demonstrating the complete building process of the Backyard revolution solar system from scratch.

Top-Notch Customer Support:

If the pdf and video are not enough then Zack has backed you up. You’ll have a direct support email address of Zack’s team to share your hurdles with them. They are very kind and responsive in helping out their customers.


There is no doubt that using solar energy to power your appliances can reduce your electricity expenses and save your money from the first month of solar panel installation.

With a sufficient number of solar panels, you can build a 3D solar panel tower that can generate enough electricity to fulfill your needs.

Many customers who have followed the Backyard Revolution Solar system have claimed to cut their bills up to half or by 60% from their first month.

DIY 3D Solar Panel independent Reviews
DIY 3D Solar Panel independent Reviews

Say, if your electricity bill is average $300 then it means you can reduce the bill amount up to $150. Which equals $1800 extra saving each year.

Not bragging if you take a leas amount of $100 saving a month then still you’re $1200 up a year.

Imagine a program that teaches you a way to replace those expenses with a tiny investment of $200-$500 of initial solar panel set up, how worthy the solar program would be.


Backyard Revolution is a Beginner-Friendly program:

You don’t have to be an engineer to build a solar panel system on your own. You don’t have to be a carpenter like Zack Bennett to build a wooden frame from scratch to stake the solar panels. You don’t have to be an expert at all.

Zack has done all the heavy lifting of two years of trial and error method and laid out the whole system in an easy-to-understand and easy-to-follow format. That a beginner can also build the whole Backyard Revolution solar system for their family.

Even your kids can also build a miniature following you. (How amazing that would be, you kids are copying you and building miniature solar systems for their science class)

Backyard Revolution Solar System Benefits:

In this Backyard Revolution Solar Reviews of July 2021, it is mandatory to include the benefits (if there are), so people like you gauge the benefits they could have after installing a backyard solar array.

I must tell you the benefits of using Backyard Revolution solar-powered electricity in your home and offices.

Using Sun energy is really a futuristic way to fulfill our needs. The number of electricity-powered gadgets and appliances we use in our daily routine has increased our electricity uses.

This has caused more electricity expenses and higher bills cumulatively.

And solar energy is the only way to counter these situations because it is a renewable and sustainable energy source that is not going to end anyway.

So, if you’re also thinking to go for a solar-powered panel system to fulfill your electricity needs then you’re already ahead of the masses.

Now you just need a failproof system to build a solar panel system at your home and the Backyard Revolution Solar program is one of the best to follow.

Here are some of the Backyard Revolution system’s benefits out of several others:

  • Save Money: A major benefit of using a Solar system is you’ll be saving a lot of money annually. Say by using solar energy you save $100 a month then it is $1200 a year.
  • Longer Life: Solar Panels usually have a longer life than you could think of. On average, a solar panel can generate electricity for up to 20 years which is a clear sign of a great investment.
  • Environment Friendly: Using Solar energy, you will feel grateful as you are also contributing towards keeping the environment safe. Even though the solar system you build is small but you’re reducing the carbon emission up to half or more from your home appliances.
  • Power Backup: You can store extra generated electricity as a power backup for blackout days or for unlike weather conditions when occurs.


How Much Does Backyard Revolution Costs

So, you know the Backyard Revolution Solar plan, how does this solar system works, its features, and its benefits. Now let’s get to the real point i.e. the cost of the “Backyard Revolution Solar system”

Zack Bennett has kept the cost of Backyard Revolution so grounded and affordable i.e. $39 only so that a lot of people can take advantage of his teachings.

With only a $39 investment you’ll get the complete Backyard Revolution Video guide & Blueprint pdf bundle that will show you how to build your very own solar panel system for under $500.

Think of you have a blueprint that could save you throwing $10,000-$20,000 on a solar company or a private contractor to build the solar panel system for you.

Remember, the solar panel you build will last at least 10-20 years and each year you’ll be saving more than 50% on your electricity bills.

DIY 3D Solar Panel Model
DIY 3D Solar Panel Model

Moreover, you can also scale your solar panel system or you could build for others and charge your fees (that could be a side hustle, The possibilities are endless if you have the right skill set).

But wait there are some cool bonuses from Zack if you buy from this BONUS LINK.

Bonuses included with Backyard revolution Solar System Guide

So let’s brief out that what you’ll get when you order a Backyard Revolution Solar program today.

  • Backyard Revolution Solar Blueprint in ebook format:
Backyard Revolution Video Guide and Blueprint pdf
Backyard Revolution Video Guide and Blueprint pdf

This is a complete guide that will walk you through step by step and show you the whole process of building the Solar Panel system for less than $500. The eBook consist of 117 pages of detailed explanations including images, dimensions, tilt, and angle settings of solar panels.

  • Alternative Electric Energy Source for Your Homestead: This guide will show you how to scale your 3D solar panel tower to the level where you can totally rely on your solar panel system. This will teach you how your family can have electricity on blackout and power outage days.
Alternative Electric Energy Sources for your Homestead Bonus Guide
Alternative Electric Energy Sources for your Homestead
  • How to Build your Energy Stockpile Secret: Think of the situation where your solar panel system is producing more electricity than what you need. Why not store that excess electricity. With this bonus guide, you’ll learn how you can store the excess power for the bad days. You’ll learn what are the electricity storing methods, what batteries are best to use, and how to revive the old batteries if you have any.
How to build your energy stockpile Bonus guide
How to build your energy stockpile Bonus guide
  • How to protect your Homestead in case of an EMP: This is a seriously essential part to know about the electricity field. You’ll get to know about the essential things and steps to learn how to protect your homestead while EMP (electromagnetic pulse) occurs in your area.

How to protect your Homestead in case of an EMP Bonus Guide

Not only that, but with your order, you’ll also get 60 days no-question asked money-back guarantee and email support for 12 months of your order date.

That’s honestly a great deal.


Pros and Cons of Backyard Revolution Solar Plans

While reviewing any given product this is really essential for me to look at the pros and cons aspects as well. Because this is how we got to know about what benefits we could have and where the product lacks.

The same goes with my Backyard Revolution Reviews of July 2021.

So, let me show you the pros that I have noticed while reviewing the Backyard Revolution Solar power system.

Pros of Backyard Revolution Solar

  • A Guide about Green renewable & Sustainable Energy: We are consistently asked to use sustainable energy by Govt agencies and various NGOs, but the thing is everyone is clueless about where to start. We know that Solar energy can fulfill our electricity needs but we’re not taught how to use solar panels practically to convert sunshine into electricity. But now you have a chance to learn all those solar secrets and can contribute your part to keep the environment safe. This is a huge benefit I think you could have with the Backyard Revolution solar system of Zack Bennett
  • Requires less ground space: As you noticed from the image and videos that the final model of the Backyard Revolution solar panel takes up only 10 square feet of area. That means you can place it in your backyard, balcony, or on a roof terrace if you have one.
  • Portable: Backyard Revolution solar panel system is completely portable which means you can easily move the model anywhere you would like to. If you want some extra space on a function night in your backyard then you can move it to the corner. Or if you’re going for a long camping day then you can take it with you as a backup power supply.
  • Affordable: The Backyard revolution is super affordable itself i.e. just $39 and you’ll get the complete blueprint of creating an extra source of electricity for less than $200. So, in just a $39 investment you’ll learn to create a solar panel system for less than $200. You can easily avoid the hefty installation by private solar companies that could cost more than $10000.
  • Money-Saving: With Backyard Revolution Solar electricity you can reduce the burden of traditional electricity costs up to 50% from the very first month. This is average $100 per month and $1200 per year.
  • Stay last for many years: A well builds solar panel system could last for at least 20 years. That means your $250  (approx) initial investment can last up to 20 years giving you peace of mind of saving money and electricity.
  • Can be scaled easily: Once you have set up the solar panel in place, then you’ll analyze how many solar panels are required for generating enough electricity to power your one room. Then you can easily scale the solar system to power your entire home. Meaning you can scale the solar system upwards and add additional solar panels or you can build more for extra power.
  • Power backup when Blackout occurs: with the 3 bonus guides provided you’ll learn how to store extra electricity and use it when needed.
  • 60 Days money back Guarantee: the Backyard Revolution solar Program is backed up by the 60 days money-back guarantee. Building your Backyard Revolution solar system will not take more than 4 hours, I suggest build it and test the electricity generated through it for 60 days (two months) and analyze if it is saving you money to spend on electricity? If it is saving at least $50 too then congratulations you have your investment back within 3-4 months otherwise you have a whole lot of 60 days to ask for a refund.
  • Email Support for 12 months: It is usual to get stuck on the midway and look for extra help. To provide you with a helping hand Zack has to offer you 12-months of email support to make your Backyard Revolution Solar system works for you.

Just shoot an email and they will be back with the solution.


Cons of The Backyard Revolution Solar system:

For this Backyard Revolution Solar Reviews of July 2021, Keeping me unbiased and giving you an honest opinion I must include where the program lacks.

So, with a huge list of pros let’s get the hands dirty.

It was very tough to find any cons aspect of the Backyard solar program but I have discovered it.

Though the solar system is weatherproof, EMP-proof, rainproof yet if there is no sunlight on cloudy rainy days then you might have to face electricity shortage.

This can be avoided by storing the excess electricity on normal days using the bonus guide offered in the program.

The other cons I noticed is the solar panel system that is shown in the image is enough to supply power for a room or two. But if you want to power your entire home with solar panels then you may need to add more panels to the Backyard Revolution Solar system.

The cons can easily be avoided with the right solutions.

So, I hope you have got to know about the cost of the Backyard Revolution solar program, the bonuses, and the pros and cons of the program.

Now let’s get to the real-world Backyard Revolution reviews from the existing customers.

Backyard Revolution Independent Customer Reviews

When it comes to reviews of any product I used to go to the top of the hill to find out what other customers are reviewing about the product. The same goes with the Backyard Revolution System Review of July 2021,

Let’s have a look at what some of the customers are saying on YouTube

Backyard Revolution Solar Panel Customer reviews
Backyard Revolution Solar Panel Customer reviews
Customer Review for Backyard Revolution
Customer Review for Backyard Revolution
Backyard Revolution Independent Customer reviews
Backyard Revolution Independent Customer reviews

Now have a look at the Backyard Revolution system’s individual customer reviews,

“Completely Life-Changing”

It was really hard to pay my electric bill ever since I retired.
Sometimes in the winter, I couldn’t even afford to turn on the heater.
My wife catches a cold easily, but what can I do?

After I got your course, in the first month, I only paid $29.34 on electricity… and that was because I got your course in the middle of the month. Now I don’t even worry about leaving the heater on 24/7… it is completely life-changing!

– Harlow Jarred, Colorado

Already Slashed My Electric Bill By $110 This Month”

As a prepper, I’m always on the lookout for alternative energy sources in the case of SHTF.

Regular solar panels are popular amongst preppers, but I never saw this kind of panel before. The design is elegant and they can be easily transported, the cells are protected by the wooden tower, making it really easy to stack them on top of each other.

– Linwood Edgar, Michigan


The Truth About Backyard Revolution Solar Program: (is it legit or scam?)

Being unbiased, we all know solar energy does work and can have the potential to fulfill our electricity needs. (This is why the Government has established large solar farms in the entire country). Look at the image below, the blue spot shows the solar panel installation across the US map.

USA Solar PV Capacity and Direct normal solar irradiance
USA Solar PV Capacity and Direct normal solar irradiance by eia

Now see the increasing graph of solar energy production in the US

United States Solar Energy production in MWatts/hours month
United States Solar Energy production in MWatts/hours month, Wikipedia

The above data shows that installing solar panels to produce free sustainable energy is completely worth the investment.

So a program that teaches you how to build a solar panel system that converts solar energy into electricity will definitely be a legit program and not a scam.

Hence the Backyard Revolution Solar program is definitely a legit program.

The truth is, the Backyard Revolution Solar program is a bundle of solar energy learning resources that teaches you how to harness free solar energy and use it to fulfill your electricity needs.

The Solar system that you will be able to build following the Backyard Revolution learning material will definitely be able to generate the extra power that can save you up to 60% of electricity from the first month of its build.

Later you can scale the model and generate enough power for your entire home. You’ll also learn how to store the excess electricity and use that on stormy rainy days when there is the sun doesn’t shine for many days.


Backyard Revolution Solar Reviews: FAQs

Though I have covered almost everything in this Backyard Revolution Review of July 2021, I still think you might have some doubts or questions. So to address some of them I’m going to include a few common questions here. If you have a different question or doubts then let me know by Contact us page.

Does Backyard Revolution really work?

Yes of course! this solar program works like a charm. The Backyard Revolution Solar program is a bundle of learning resources that teaches you how to build a solar panel system at your home to generate electricity from solar energy. If you believe solar panel works and generate electricity and solar panels installed by companies works then there is no reason solar panels arranged by your self doesn’t work. 10,000+ customers can’t be wrong.

Is Backyard Revolution worth it?

Electricity produced by Solar panels can be used in domestic and commercial ways. Hence if a solar energy learning program of $39 teaches you to produce extra electricity that could save up to $100 a month then the Backyard Revolution Solar is totally worth it.

How to Build a Backyard Revolution solar project?

You can easily build a Backyard Revolution 3D Solar panel system for your family using the methods explained inside the Backyard Revolution Solar learning guides and videos.

How many watts does a Backyard Revolution make?

It depends on the number of panels you installed on a single 3D solar panel array. Usually, a solar panel can produce about 250-1500 Watts per panel per day. So if you’re installing 12 solar panels in a 3D solar tower then it would make around 3000-18000 Watts per system.

How many solar panels would it take to power a house?

As I said a single solar panel can produce up to 320 Watts per hour then on average it would produce 1320 Watts per day. So now calculate how many Watts your entire home needs to run on electricity and set up solar panels accordingly.

What if I don’t like the Backyard Revolution Solar program?

No worries! You’re backed up by 60 days money-back guarantee by Zack Bennett. If somehow you don’t like the program then just shoot an email to get your money back. It’s that easy.

Hence you’re not losing anything.

Top of all you’re also having 12-months of email support by Zack and his team to help you build your own Solar system easily.


My Verdict

As today’s technology growing we believe the power supply companies will have back up to counter very unfortunate conditions also. They won’t let us live in the dark, but if it was practical then there would not be any power cut crisis that happened in Florida in Feb 2021.

The smart way is to use what nature is giving us in the form of solar energy. Use it as a backup or as an alternative source of electricity.

So, I believe the Backyard Revolution Solar program is seriously worth it to try because it teaches you how to ensure the safety of your family by not letting them in dark even in bad conditions and power cut days.

Backyard Revolution Solar system in working condition
Backyard Revolution Solar system in working condition

The Backyard Revolution Solar System comes with the complete blueprint along with full of informative bonus guides. With the help of the bundle, you can have alternate sustainable energy sources and will have a plan about how to store the extra electricity as a backup. All of these with 12-month email support and 60 days money-back guarantee to test the program.

This is why I think you must give Backyard Revolution Solar Program a try. Hope you like the Backyard Revolution Solar reviews of July 2021. Click the button below and get a copy of the Backyard Revolution Solar system at a discounted price.